This is just something I threw together really quickly, so expect maybe an actual site layout sometime in the future. :P

What I have up so far is simply links to individual project pages, there you can obtain the patch (if available), some pretty screenies (read: probably god-awful screenies), and some mindless babbling from me, RedComet, about the project or me begging for some extremely bored translator to come my way and help out. Either of which is possible. Look around, enjoy, and don't touch anything!

Name of GameSystem
Dragonball Z: Assault of the SaiyansFamicom
Dragonball Z II: Freeza's Gas Pains (no, seriously, I have no idea what the subtitle is for this one.)Famicom
Dragonball Z III: Hot Tub Androids (Planned)Famicom
Spider-Man: Lethal FoesSuper Famicom
V GundamSuper Famicom