This game is the evil predessecor to the well known Legend of the Super Saiyan. If you don't like that game then you sure as hell won't like this one. This game follows the storyline from the beginning of Dragonball Z up through the Saiyan Saga. Good RPG with a unique battle system, but that's about it. I'd only recommend this to hardcore DBZ or RPG fans.

This is my first and probably last project. I started this patch for a number of reasons, mainly to be able to play the game through in English all the way, and secondly to be so burnt out on computers that I never want to see one again. Luckily for you and me both this patch accomplished both things. =D One last thing, do NOT send me emails complaining about how the translation doesn't follow the storyline of the anime or telling me I've got the wrong translation for the attacks (i.e. Demon Ray instead of Special Beam Cannon). I made this patch for myself and not a bunch of whiny ass kids who believe that the version showing on Toonami is the correct translation of the show. If I find out anyone is pestering anyone affiliated with this patch I will see to it personally that it is stopped. These people have worked too hard to be bothered with stupid comments. With that out of the way any bugs, grammatical errors, or anything like that NOT pertaining to the translation that you find feel free to email them to me at, I can't guarantee that things will be fixed ASAP but I'll try my hardest to. One more thing before I forget, the title screen was salvaged from a previous dead patch someone had been working on for this game. Don't know who's patch it was put I took it anyway.

It might be worth noting that although the current patch (Version 0.99) IS a complete translation of the original Japanese rom, a 1.00 patch is being worked on as we speak. Among the new things that version 1.00 will have are: A complete rewrite of the original translated text, meaning better dialogue and style in the script. I am working on implementing an extensive amount of assembly level hacks which will make this patch the best and most professional Dragonball Z patch to date. ASM hacks include: DTE support, increasing the amount of text per window from 5 lines x 25 characters per line to 10 lines x 25 characters per line; The two previously "unfixable" bugs are in the process of being fixed; The size of the tech skill names in the status menu MIGHT be expanded to allow for tech skill names longer than 16 characters if I have enough rom space, AND if I feel it merits the work.

Patch Download
Version 0.99


Main Hacker:RedComet
Main Translator:Kamaitachii
Script Editing:RougePaladin Trian
Script Editing:Vorpy