This is a Gundam game therefore its not anything to write home about, but I like it. V Gundam is a side-scrolling shoot'em up type game. You control the V Gundam (or the V2 Gundam, I can't recall which it is) throughout the entire game.

Hacking-wise, this game is a VERY simple hack. Which incidentally is the only reason I'm doing it, and because it was one of the first games I ever looked at with the intent of translating when I first started in this rom hacking thing, which is was about 3 years ago I guess. The scripts have been dumped, and are just in need of translating. If you think you could help out email me at

Script Sample
V Gundam Sample Script


I SWEAR those are beam sabers in the top-right screenshot! I DO NOT want anyone sending me Gundam yaoi!

Main Hacker:RedComet
Main Translator:Unavailable