This game is yet *another* in the long evil legacy of Dragonball Z RPG games. This one picks up where Assault of the Saiyans left off. Goku's had his ass beat by Vegeta and he's recovering in a hospital. Meanwhile everyone else decides they're gonna take a trip to Namek to collect their Dragonballs to revive the people Vegeta and Nappa killed, which is quite funny since you control all the people they killed, with the exception of Piccolo, right from the start.

Aside from that, this is a pretty neat little RPG. The card systems back, there's Super Saiyans, spaceships, green men, and a fat ass with terrible jokes (no, not Drew Carey...). What more could you want?!

This game, hacking-wise, is very similar to AotS. All of the scripts have been dumped and just need to be translated so I can reinsert them back into the rom. If you'ld like to help out please contact me via email at


Main Hacker:RedComet
Main Translator:Hector/Shogetsu