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Name: Ryuuhi
Active Status: Active.
E-mail: ryuuhi @
Contributions: Creator and Maintainer of the Front Mission and Xenogears Shrines. Co-Creator and Co-Maintainer of the Battle of Olympus Shrine.
ICQ Number: 10012822
Alternate way of contact: Well, if you know me in real life...
Join Date: 03/02/02
Chat Room Status in #rpgclassics: Voice Operator (VOP)
Message Board Status: Regular Member

Staff Bio

Real Name:


Other Nicknames: Shy Newbie, Doom_Gazer, FFanatic(This one is really old).
Why Ryuuhi?: Ryuuhi is the main character of an old fighting series by Culture Brain called Hiryu no Ken.
Your avatar sure doesn't look like the fighting type...: That's another story. When I started visiting the chatroom, my nick was ShyNewbie. Someone said I should use a Shyguy as an avatar and it worked fine for me.
Gender: Male.
Occupation: University Student(Law) and Shriner.
Religion: Atheist/Agnostic...can't decide which. Just don't get me near a church.


Somewhere to the South.

Birth date: Guess!
Hobbies: Reading, shrining, studying foreign languages, working out, etc.
Any previous experience on rpg sites?: I made 2 or 3 sucky Geocities/Xoom websites a loong time ago, I wrote fanfics about FuSoYa on a dead mailing list(Those 2 were sometime in 1997), I wrote on a FF7/Xenogears crossover fanfic(1998), and I kept a Final Fantasy Discussion Group on sixdegrees until sixdegrees closed down.
Favorite Game: Final Fantasy IV.
Favorite RPG Characters: Kain, Shadow, Vincent, Laguna, Karsh.
Favorite Music: Heavy Metal, VGM in general.
Favorite Bands: King Diamond, Rhapsody, Royal Hunt, Symphony X, Van Halen.
Favorite VGM Composers: Yasunori Mitsuda(if pressed, I'd choose him as the best), Nobuo Uematsu, Kenji Ito.
Favorite Movies: Lawrence of Arabia, Ben Hur, many others.
What do you do at RPGC?: I'm the creator and maintainer of a couple of shrines and try to help in any other way I can.
When did you join RPGC?: March 2, 2002.
How did you find RPGC?: While visiting the FFCompendium, I decided to check the boards. You can guess the rest.
Why did you join RPGC?: The thought of being a FAQ/Walkthrough writer wasn't appealing enough, but the idea of "shrines" caught my attention. Also, I didn't have to pay to host the site. :P

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