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Mr. Saturn


Name: Mr. Saturn
Active Status: Active
Contributions: Creator and maintainer of the Dragon Warrior III and Dragon Warrior IV shrines, created and co-maintains the Earthbound shrine ; created some of and maintains the Dragon Warrior II shrine ; runs site design ; Runs RPGC Games.
ICQ Number: 13527563
Join Date: 01/01/99
Chat Room Status in #rpgclassics: Voice Operator (VOP)
Message Board Status: None
Quote: OnionKid: BRB, gotta go pee.
OnionKid: Back.
MrSaturn: Geez, did you even leave the computer, or do you just have incredible aim?

Staff Bio

Real Name: Chris S. Horn
Other Nicknames: ... Mr. Saturn, dammit.
Gender: Male
Occupation: Retail/Computer Repair. Former manager of a game store. Trying to save $$ to go back to school.
Religion: Agnostic
Political Party: Democrat, and fiercely proud of it
Alignment: Humble, Peaceful, Anything that doesn't get me into trouble
Place of Origin: Lewisville, Texas, USA
Place of Residence: The Colony, Texas, USA
Birthdate: December 12, 1982
Web Talents: HTML, Some JavaScript, Very Little Flash
Other Talents/Strengths: Not a lot. I've got some technical know-how, but I'm pretty much just an appreciator of other people's creativity, not one to be creative myself.
Weaknesses: Lazy, but can always get the job done on time... as long as there's no deadline.
Interests: Video Games, Game Shows, Internet, collecting things related to Video Games, Game Shows, et al, Politics, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, etc.
Dislikes: Not much. Dragon Ball Z, I guess, and Gundam. And country music. And most rap.
Future Goals: I presently aspire to graduate from some school with a major in Journalism and a minor in Political Science, then I hope to go to law school, and, when I have money, I hope to break into politics, not neccesarily as a candidate, but more likely as an advisor, assistant, or correspondant.
Other Projects: None presently.
Favorite Play: The Rocky Horror Show
Favorite Movies: The Rocky Horror Picture Show, UHF, others
Favorite TV series: The Price is Right, Super Password, Winning Lines, The $XX,XXX Pyramid, The Critic, Family Guy, The Simpsons, SeaLab 2021, Clone High, The West Wing, Hardball
Favorite Food: Anything Italian (esp Chicken Parmesan)
Favorite Website: The Magic Box, Penny Arcade, and *sniff* The GIA
Favorite Game: Final Fantasy IV, Dragon Quest III, Lufia II, Lunar (pick one)
Favorite Music: Not really picky. See above (about dislikes)
Favorite RPG Job: Black Mage
Favorite Type of Weapon: Those Uber-canes that cause super damage just because of coinciding elements.
Started Working for RPG Classics: January 1, 1999
Job at RPGC: Did current layout, upkeep of several shrines (including several Dragon Warrior games), etc
Reason for working on a website: Got to put all of this HTML I've learned to a good use somewhere...
Reason for working on RPG Classics: Well, when I hopped on, there wasn't enough Dragon Warrior coverage. Mind you, I like Final Fantasy as much as the next guy, but Dragon Warrior needs to be respected in its authority as well. Plus, I just wanted to try to work on a page with other people. I'd been doing it solo before... Now that I've accomplished my goals, I just want to make RPGC the best damn page on the net. Besides, maybe this'll be my ticket to E3 someday...
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