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Name: Deedly
Active Status: Active
Contributions: Creator and maintainer of the King's Bounty shrine.
ICQ Number: 169336234 but I dont prefer this, get me in the chat or by email instead
Join Date: 9/9/02
Chat Room Status in #rpgclassics: Voice Operator (VOP)
Message Board Status: Regular Visitor
Quote: "Sanity is just an excuse for being boring"-Me

Real Name Patrick O'Carroll
Other Names Torlin in Utopia, Karen13 in Vagabonds Quest
Birthplace Seattle Washington
Place of Residence Yuma Arizona... *sigh* I miss Alaska... why? for the weather :)
Gender Male
Occupation Errrrrr..... does teenager or lives with parents count as one? no...ok... then student
Favorite RPG Class Wizard/Sorceror, Bards are fun too, I also like Rangers and Druids.
Favorite Weapon Katana, dagger, long sword, long bow, staff, light club
Favorite Element Insanity.... yes it is an Element!
Web Talents HTML coding in notepad, good knowledge of all things computer (by next year I'll probably be A+ certified)
Favorite Game Please don't make me choose.... ok Ill pick the following: FF4, FF5, FF6, FF8, FFX, CT, Alundra
Favorite Show Well.... its kinda close between Fushigi Yugi and Saber Marionette J but in the end I have to choose SMJ
Hobbies Computer/Console Gaming (especially Starcraft), web page design, chatting (in #RPGClassics of course), Utopia, RPGC Message Boards
Dislikes Ackbar, spam, my sister (you know her as KT_ in the chat), English class
Computer Surprisingly even though I got it over a year ago its still considered kinda good: 1Ghz athlon, 128 MB RAM (want more), 60GB HD, CD-RW, DVD-ROM, etc. etc.
When did you come to RPGC? I came a while back (err... I think right after the firing of Jim) because this is where one of my best friends (Mudcap) chats, never really used RPGC for getting RPG info
Why Deedly???? ok the name Deedly has a long and interesting story behind it which I will tell you now:

I was at one point in Elementary school wondering what to make my password to the school networked drives, I was thinking what the most nonsensical word I could think of was... and it was obviously Deedly.

It would have stopped at that but I, naive about the internet tried to get my first email address as which was obviously taken, so I tried to think of the least likely thing to be taken that would still vaguely relate to me... I came up with Deedly

Then I met Mudcap and started playing AD&D 2nd edition with him and he quickly introduced me to the insanity that was his character Mudcap, and he told me about other alternate personalities and game Ideas that came up, one of which was a powerful Lawful Evil being named Declaude, so I thought "Whoa.. hes too powerful if I ever wanted to introduce him into a game he would need an opposite to balance him out..." and an insane being to be his equal yet opposite counterpart was thought up on the spot, and the cool name for something that insane was of course Deedly, and then we elaborated, if they where so powerful and opposite they would fight and destroy everything, there had to be something even more powerful to keep them in check and we together came up with the agreements, incredibly complex contracts (so complex that they had rules governing the shaving of ducks... *inside joke*)that where impossible to break but had limitless loopholes (this was before we discovered the joys of Maccs HQ)

Well then I came to RPGC on the reccomendation of Mudcap, mostly to check out the thing he called Maccs HQ, which was incredibly funny. I then found the chat and I needed a login name for it... and yes you guessed it, it was Deedly, after that it was my all purpose internet name, I used it everywhere.

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