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Active Status:Inactive
Contributions:Creator and maintainer of the Alcahest Shrine.
ICQ Number:54057744
Join Date:05/20/00
Chat Room Status in #rpgclassics:None
Message Board Status:Occasional Visitor
Quote:"I got my Falz pipe!" -MetalGriever in PSO before facing Dark Falz

Staff Bio

Real Name: Dennis Green
Other Nicknames: X-Deth 3000, MetalGriever, FalzPipe
Gender: Male
Occupation: Student 
Religion: Christian
Political Party: Republican
Alignment: A tad psychotic at times.
Place of Origin: Pease Air Force Base, NH, USA
Place of Residence: The bowels of Florida
Date of Birth: Mar.30, 1981 (Yes, it's the day Pres. Reagan was shot...)
Age: You do the math. :P
Web Talents: Some HTML. Used to do it all by hand until I got ahold of FrontPage.
Other Talents/Strengths: Nice guy, very intelligent
Weaknesses: Big procrastinator, speaks without thinking first, somewhat psychotic.
Hobbies: Gaming, porn, internet
Dislikes: Noisy pets, boy bands, PSO World, sports, really annoying people who ask too many questions.
Future Goals: Not sure
Favorite Movies: South Park: Bigger, longer and uncut
Favorite TV series: Hardly ever watch it now...
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite Website(s): Newgrounds, The Apocalypse Tribe (A PSO guild I am in)
Favorite Game(s): Phantasy Star Online (all versions), Final Fantasy 6, Xenogears
Favorite Music artists/groups: Slayer, Ozzy Osbourne, Metallica
Favorite RPG Job: Summoner
Favorite Type of Magic: Summon Magic. Long live Odin and Bahamut!
Favorite Type of Weapon: Swords
Started Working for RPG Classics: May 2000
Reason for working on a website: The coverage on Alcahest SUCKED! I was out to rectify that.

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