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Black Ninja


Name: Black Ninja
Active Status:b> Active.
Contributions: Creator and maintainer of the Breath of Fire I and the Lunar SSSC shrines ; Server Systems Administrator.
ICQ Number: 83724151
Join Date: 11/01
Chat Room Status in #rpgclassics: Super Operator (SOP)
Message Board Status: Occasional Visitor
Quote: MegamanX2K: as your sensei
MegamanX2K: I ORDER you..
*** Black Ninja has left #rpgclassics
Merlin: lol
MegamanX2K: aww shit.

Staff Bio

Real Name? Dave Rinehart
Place of Origin? Edina, Minnesota
Place of Residence? Maple Grove, Minnesota
Age? 21
Occupation? Full time College Student, Full time Network Engineer's apprentice, & part time Ninja
Favorite RPG Job? Ninja, Assasin and Dragonmaster
Favorite Weapon(s)? Katana, Naginata, Kaltrops, and Althena's Sword
Favorite Element? Water
Favorite web site Tew-Ryu Ninjitsu
Web Talents Some HTML, SHTML, SSI, Front Page 97/98, Server Admin
Favorite Game? Lunar Series Games, especially the original for Sega-CD
Favorite TV Shows None. TV sucks.
Hobbies? Playing Video Games
Web Design
Anything Server oriented.
Martial Arts
And you dislike...? Arrogance, Whiners, & Losers
MicroCrap products, esp Windows
People with no sense of Humor

I have 2.
My Laptop is a Toshiba Satillite with 192 Mb SDRAM, 800 Mhz AMD proc, DVD/CD-ROM, Floppy, 3 USB ports, 3 PCMCIA slots. Running Windows 98SE(much to my displeasure)
My Server (once I get it working properly), runs Red Hat 7.2, has a 1.45Mbps wireless connection, in a RAID 5 orientation using 3 80 Gig HDs, 1 GB SDRAM, 2 Ethernet cards, 8 USB ports, GeForce 2 Vid card, etc.

When did join RPG Classics? I started in November 2000, shortly before the Jim fiasco.
And the reason for joining RPG Classics? I liked the people and I love doing anything Video Game related
What exactly do you do at RPG Classics? I'm the Creator and Maintainer of the Breath of Fire 1 Shrine, the soon to be completed Lunar Shrines (all versions), Server Systems Admin, & UNIX/Linux expert 
Last Thoughts? It's about time this site had a kick ass look & feel to it!

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