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RPGC's First Writing Contest

As most visitors to the Agora well know, RPG Classics attracts a high number of budding authors, artists and poets. The site itself boasts several features devoted to showing people's creativity, whether it be the Fan Music section, the fan fiction section, or my own MOD archive. The Media Forum is the primary hangout for those thusly inclined. One day, I posted a call for original works, asking people to leave the comfortable realms of fan fiction and try to produce something wholly original.

I plan to post my own remarks concerning each entry, but I have so far lacked the time necessary to do it. The entries have all been posted here, though; after all, they were written to be read. I apologize for all the delays, and invite you to enjoy the creative output of RPGC's visitors. Entries marked with a Red Jewel () are my own personal top picks; that is not, however, meant as a slight against any other works here and should not be taken as such. Any questions or comments can be directed to Sephiroth Katana.

Eden99Outside My Bedroom Window
RountreeThe Child
Sir PercivalPhoenix Soul
Valkyrie EskerFantasy
Valkyrie EskerUntitled
Prose (Fiction)
AlienaRoseThe Key to the City
Cless AlveinJonathan's Privilege
d GallowayDeath's Mark
Skankin' GarbageThe Francophile
SorcererThe Library With A Linoleum Floor
WeiilaZcetar of Deca
Prose (Non-Fiction)
MerlinA Just Empire?
MerlinDemocratic Statesmanship and
The Lyceum Speech
MerlinThe Discipline
RastRast's Mississippi Adventure
SinistralDays Which Should Live In Infamy

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