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Name: Zero
Active Status: Active
Contributions: Co-created and maintains the Seiken Densetu III shrine ; does HTML for the Fanart section ; is a forums Administrator
ICQ Number: 10447251
Join Date: ??/??/??
Chat Room Status in #rpgclassics: Auto Operator (AOP)
Message Board Status: Administrator
Quote: Zero: um...err...lookthatway!
*Merlin looks that way*
*Zero runs the other way*

Staff Bio

real name Patrick Brouillard
born at: Laval, QC, Canada
lives at Anjou, QC, Canada
age: 17
started working here : June 2nd 1999
Reason why I'm here Rast asked me to help promoting the site, I asked if i could also do a Sd3 shrine and the rest is history
Why Zero It's a long story...he is the merge between 2 things I like: megaman serie and star wars, if you can't figure it out, tough luck
Primary combat style Melee, with style too
Favorite weapon(s) Swords (oriental or medieval) and long knives (times 2), knuckles sometimes
Alignment Chaotic Good
Party Lost absolute faith in democracy in the outside world, so none
Favorite job Dragoon for FF games, but I like kensai in AD&D...something neat about being called "the sword saint"
Favorite RPG Tie between FF5 and SD3...
Strengths Won't quit unless totally outnumbered/outgunned
Calm and confident
Will work on something until completed
Weaknesses Can't take decisions easily
Won't tell opinion unless asked for
When loses calm, self-control goes too
Will often question orders unless it advantages me
Dislikes People who try to force their opinions or style on others
Bright light
People who lack intelligence to understand sarcasm
Computer Pentium III 733 with 128 megs of ram, 20 gigs hard drive, GeForce 2 MX 32 megs video ram, Sound Blaster live, 17 inch monitor, a good set of cambringe soundworks speakers (2) and subwoofer, a gamepad and joystick, DSL, CD-ROM that's pretty standard (52X), printer that does not deserve mentionning (it's an old reliable, unless you want to print something in color) , and a logitech 4-button  and wheel optical mouse
HTML? yes
Front page? I upgraded to FP2k, but it isn't as bad as Macc says, as long as you're willing to do some stuff in pure HTML (it has a tendency to fix stuff that would work right in a way that doesn't work right)
ICQ: 10447251
Anything else? Current Starcraft #1 on RPGC, until defeated by Sinistral or whoever else that manages to get me (but Sin has the best chances)

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