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Name: Yuki
Active Status: Active.
Contributions: Created and maintains the Legend of Zelda : Majora's mask shrine
ICQ Number: Screw ICQ >:(
Join Date: January 22, 2006
Chat Room Status in #rpgclassics: Voice operator (VOP)
Message Board Status: Reader
Quote: Radio announcer: The tornado is over. It is safe to come out of your houses.
Coach McGuirk: Don't! It might be a trap!

Staff Bio

Real Name: Brendon Small's future wife (he doesn't know about it yet.)
Other Nicknames: Toad (which is why there is a picture of Toad in my avatar
Gender: La femme
Occupation: University of Waterloo student and also a seller of pots and pans
Major? Mathematical physics with a quantum mechanics specialization
Religion: Meh.
Political Party: I'm a mutt. I like both sides of the spectrum.
Place of Origin: St. Catharines, Ontario August 16, 1985
Place of Residence: My suave apartment down the street from the university.
Age: 21
Web Talents: I like HTML. Using notepad is pretty high-tech stuff, eh?
Strengths: I'm fairly good with math since I go to university for it. I'm dependable and friendly, too. ^_^
Weaknesses: I'm very skeptical about all things mystical. I believe there is an explanation for everything which people find annoying at times. Also, fire and holy spells do double damage to me.
Favorite Teams: Toronto Maple Leafs and the RPG Classics team. <3
Likes: VIDEO GAMES! *drools all over the world* I also enjoy the occational Big Mac at McDonalds with only cheese, ketchup and pickles on the sandwich.
Dislikes: Mayonaise. Need I say more?
Beliefs/Philosophies: Meh. The usual. Be good to your fellow man to best of your abilities. Know and love yourself. Play video games.
Future Goals: I would eventually like to graduate from the university with a teaching degree so I can teach high school sciences and math. While working, I'd like to try for my Masters and Ph.D. and try for a professorship at my old school.
Other Site Projects: I'm just adding more shrines to my belt of... shrines...
Favorite Plays: Shakespeare's Twelveth Night and Rod Langley's Bethune.
Favorite Books: Robin and Rand Miller's Myst, Jame Clavell's Shogun, Simon Singh's Fermat's Enigma and my guilty pleasure, Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman's Dragonlance
Favorite Movies: Star Wars : The Empire Strikes Back, Office Space, BASEketball and The Lord of the Rings : Return of the King.
Favorite TV series: Home Movies, South Park and Harvey Birdman : Attourney at Law... I love cartoons!
Favorite Food: Red Lobster biscuits and snow crab
Favorite Website: I enjoy the comedy stylings of CtrlAltDel. No making fun. >:(<
Favorite RPGs: Chrono Trigger, Suikoden II, anything Dragon Warrior/Quest, Final Fantasy VII (I'm sorry. ;_;), most of the Zelda series and both Paper Mario 64 and Paper Mario : The Thousand Year Door
Other Favorite Nintendo Games: Battletoads, Kirby's Adventure, Banjo-Kazooie, Pokemon Puzzle League (no giggling!) and Perfect Dark.
Favorite PC Games: Star Wars : Knights of the Old Rupublic, Lemmings, the entire Myst collection and Mechwarrior 2.
Favorite Music: SKA! I love ska. Big D and the Kids Table, Less Than Jake, Reel Big Fish and Mustard Plug are what have been in my CD player lately. Yes, I'm still old school and use CDs. :P
Favorite RPG Characters: Vincent and Reno from Final Fantasy VII, Sain and Serra from Fire Emblem and Kefka from Final Fantasy VI
Least Favorite RPG Character: TATL FROM THE LEGEND OF ZELDA : MAJORA'S MASK! GAH! I shrined that one and I listened to my fair share of RING RING RINGS! *stabs all the RPGC staff members*
First Went to RPGClassics I was surfing the net when I first had it at home in the summer of 2002 (Yes, I went without internet until I was in grade 12.) I typed in RPG in the search field and eventually came to a gem. ^^
Why did you come? Oh... I guess I answered that with the above answer... I didn't read the question properly.
Why do you work for RPGC? I thought with a shrine on this site, it would bring me fame... I'm still waiting for it. :P

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