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Name: Xachariah
Active Status: Active
Contributions: Co-creator and co-maintainer of the Shadowrun shrine, creator and maintainer of the Planescape: Torment shrine, mantainer of the Bahamut Lagoon shrine, mantainer of the Warsong shrine, worked on the Database
ICQ Number: 83109181
Join Date: 10/26/03
Chat Room Status in #rpgclassics: Voice Operator (VOP)
Message Board Status: irRegular Visitor
Quote: Don't touch me, I'm super important

Staff Bio

Real Name:







That's classified information, sorry


University Student (Computer Science)


Juggling, playing Quake

Favorite Band:


Favorite Movies:

Jaws, The Thing, Unforgiven, Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Four Rooms, Resident Evil, Memento, LA Confidential, The Usual Suspects, Blue Collar, Predator, Die Hard

Favorite RPG Job:


Favorite RPGs:

Planescape: Torment, Baldur's Gate, Final Fantasy VII, Fallout, Front Mission, Final Fantasy V, Final Fantasy II

Favorite Non RPGs:

Quake, Starcraft, Resident Evil series, King of Fighters series

Favorite RPG Characters:

Laguna (FF8), Vhailor (Ps:T), Sarevok (BG), Orson (TO:KoL), Gobi (BoF)

How did you find RPGC?:

Well, the first time I came across RPGC was back when I was looking for some stuff on FFV. At the time, I didn't pay much attention to the rest of the site. But, a year or so later, I came across the site again while looking for information on Front Mission. I kept the site on my 'Favorites' this time.

Why did you join RPGC?:

In late 2002 I came to RPGC looking for the Planescape: Torment Shrine. To my surprise, they didn't have one yet, so, I set out to do it myself!

What was the first RPG you played?:

Well, it was either Ultima VIII or Little Big Adventure, can't quite remember which was the first.

When was this?:

In 1994 I think.

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