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Name: Weiila
Active Status: Active.
Contributions: Co-maintains the Fanfic section.
ICQ Number: 158454855
Join Date: 03/18/02/ (First update)
Chat Room Status in #rpgclassics: I suppose I'm just a regular visitor, I might be staff but I'm not the most common face around there.
Message Board Status: Moderator of the Media Board.
Quote: Can I bring my whip?

Staff Bio

Real name: Anja
Gender: Female
Occupation: Student/fanficauthor
Neat sides: This is how I hope I am, don't really like listing good stuff about meself...
A good listener, understanding, good writer, nice friend, caring, funny.
Bad sides: I can be just as lazy as anyone ^^;; I can also loose my temper at bad times and is easily scared. :P
But the worst thing about me is that I don't want to risk to hurt others even the slightest, not even tell people if they hurt me. So I rather shut up and force it down until I explode in one way or another -_-
Favorite RPGs: The whole FF-series, Seiken Densetsu 3, Zelda 2, Vagrant story (chop 'em up! Yeehaw!)...
Dreams: Well there was this one with the snake dragon living in the walls of a castle and some dancing skeletons in a pool that was fun... oh, dreams of the future?
I want to be an author. Writing fanfics have given me a lot of experience and welcome feedback. Now if I could only get back to writing my original stories... ;P
What Mideval character are you? Maiden.
What 8-bit theather char then? White Mage.
Inner dragon color? Yellow, like the rays of the life giving sun...
Why do you put the poor defensless characters through such agony in your abominal fanfics? Well I... waitaminute... Magus, hands off my bio or I'll put Lavos inside your head again!

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