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Name: Orakio
Active Status: Retired.
Former E-Mail
Contributions: Had co-maintained the Final Fantasy 2 Shrine, had created and maintained the Beyond Oasis, Castle of the Winds 1, Landstalker, Legacy of the Wizard, Legend of Zelda 2, 3, 5, & 7, Lunar: The Silver Star, Phantasy Star 1, 2, 3, & 4, Shining Force 2 & CD, Shining in the Darkness, Sword of Vermilion, Warsong, and Vay Shrines, Created and Maintains the Orakian Hideout subsite.
ICQ Number: 151665800
Join Date: May 1, 2001
Chat Room Status in #rpgclassics: None.
Message Board Status: None.
Quote: Orakio: If you SMEEEEEEEELL, what Orak is cookin!
Ackbar: Smells like Bacon.

 Staff Bio

Real Name: Eric ____. A lot of you know it, but I will not repeat myself.
Other Nicknames: Rocket (when I played baseball, I once took and hit a ball into deep right field off the best pitcher during practice. He said that that ball shot like a Rocket, so that stuck), Zero (I a Laser Challenge league I am in, I am known as Zero). E-man (my first name begins with an E, guess from there)
Gender: Male
Religion: Baptist (I take my religion seriously, so don't get me mad)
Place of Birth: Waterville, Maine
Residence: Maine
Date of Birth: 8/1/85
Age: 16, which is exactly how many shrines I have at the moment.
Occupation: Part time Carpenter, full time Gamer and student
Favorite Color: I am sorta partial to Blue, but I like about anything, except pink. Yellow is another one of my favorites.
Favorite Websites:,, RPGWorld That is about all I visit.
Favorite Sports Teams: Toronto Blue Jays (Baseball), Anahiem Mighty Ducks (Hockey), Dallas Cowboys (Football), Houston Rockets (Basketball, if you read one of my nicknames, here is another reason), Boston Celtics (NBA)
Favorite TV Shows: Married with Children, Simpsons, Get Smart, Beverly Hillbillies, Home Improvement, Bill Cosby Show, M.A.S.H, Dragonball Z, Matlock, A-Team, Whose Line is it Anyways, Everybody Loves Raymond, WWE Raw/Smackdown/Confidencial
Favorite Movies: Gladiator, Braveheart, Liar Liar, Three Musketeers, The Shadow, The Rocky Series, Ladybugs, Dutch, The Batman Series, My Fellow Americans, Independance Day
Favorite RPGs: Phantasy Star Series, Lunar Series, Zelda Series, Shining Series (I have more, but it would take a while)
Favortie RPG Character: Ronfar (Lunar 2), Wren (Phantasy Star III & IV), Link (Zelda), Peter (Shining Force II),
Favorite Element: I like them all, though I am partial to Fire (anyone call for Megid?)
Favorite Music Groups/Singers: Bee Gees, Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, Nat King Cole, James Taylor, Sting, anything that has a good beat, non of this 'Boy Group' crap like the Backstreet Punks, and N'Stync
Favorite top 5 Bee Gees Songs: Since Merlin did it, I might as well.
5. Sacred Trust
4. I've Gotta Get a Message to You
3. Too Much Heaven
2. I Wish You Were Here (not to be confused with the Pink Floyd song)
1. This is where I came in.
Why did you come to RPGC? During the days of Jim, I was looking through RPGC, and nobody did anything for any Sega Genesis games, so I decided a master of Sega RPGs, like myself, would step in and fix that. So I decided to do a Phantasy Star III shrine. No longer than a week or so pasted that Jim was kicked out and Rast came back in. I finished my work and became a staffer.
What is the deal with the Stairs? Well, at school one time, I fell down 2 flights of stairs. I have since been paranoid of them. Man, I hate stairs. Give me a ladder anyday.

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