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Name: Kagon
Active Status: Active.
Contributions: Co-creator and co-maintainer of the Romancing SaGa 3, Dragon Quest V, Dragon Warrior VII, and Final Fantasy II Shrines; Creator and Maintainer of the Lufia 1 and Dragon Quest VI Shrines; Maintains the Links/Affiliates page; Co-Host of the Mailbag; a moderator of the main RPGC forum
ICQ Number: 44474399
Join Date: 09/09/01
Chat Room Status in #rpgclassics: Founder (COp)
Message Board Status: Moderator (Main, Anime, and PC Games Forums)
Quote: (From a discussion between Maz, Merl, and Kagon about hippies amongst other things)
[Holy_Mazrim_Taim] man Merl, hippie-haters like you'll be the first against the wall when the revolution comes
[Merlin] man you hippies will be so busy screwing and getting yourselves dirty that the revolution won't ever come :P
[Merlin] change is made by those who shower ;)

Staff Bio

Real Name: Chris Beck
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Religion: Unitarian/Deist
Location: near Memphis, TN
Favorite RPGs: I love the SaGa and Dragon Warrior series- specifically Romancing SaGa 3, SaGa Frontier 2, and Dragon Warrior 7. Legend of Mana, Chrono Cross, Xenogears, and Front Mission 3 are also favorites of mine.
Likes: Well, first of all I love Chinese and Japanese food. Playing AD&D with Maz, Merl, and the others, playing Starcraft (though not as much anymore), and playing some good RPGs. I'm also a huge fan of strategy type games and the Civilization series.
Dislikes: I dislike dishonesty and people who can't keep their cool. Everything else I'm pretty much OK with.
Strengths: I can be a very hard worker when motivated; I try not to take very much seriously. I'm generally able to relate well with most people and am rather easy to approach. I'm also very laid back.
Weaknesses: I tend to be very lazy also which gets in the way of my being a hard worker. I do have a temper which I'm very good at controlling now, but occasionally I still explode at people when I'm pushed too far. At times I can take things said a bit too seriously.
Musical Tastes: Classical, older types of punk rock, various blends of music (Radiohead), techno, and a few others. I absolutely HATE those annoying heavy metal/rap blend bands- ESPECIALLY Linkin Park.
Favorite type of weapon: Spears- they're so under appreciated
How'd you join RPGC? Well, back in June of 2001, I found out Lunaris was working on the Romancing SaGa 3 shrine and needed some help so I volunteered. Since I am absolutely obsessed with that game and was already making a rather crude site for it, I was able to get it finished up with him rather quickly. I still have some stuff missing which I hope to fix.
Planned/Future Goals: Maybe a SaGa subsite with SG and Lunaris if they're up to it. I hope to get my RM2K RPG out before the next RPGMaker product comes out.
Anything else? Eh, not reallly. I'm not good with closing words of advice.

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