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Name: Jerhova
Active Status: Inactive
Contributions: Creator and maintainer of the Avalon Shrine.
ICQ Number: 66408097
Join Date: ??/??/??
Chat Room Status in #rpgclassics: None
Message Board Status: None

Staff Bio

Handles: Jerhova, Jer, Jer Der
Also Known as: Jer the King, Jer the Great, Jer the Powerful, Jer the Immortal, Jer the Superb, Jer the Incredible, Jer the Good, Jer the Master, Jer the Magician, Jer the Warrior, Jer the Brilliant, Jer the Super Intelligent, Jer the Noble, Jer the Strong, Jer the Ruler, Jer the Emperor, Jer the Modest.
Real Name: Jeroen Derwort
Gender: Male
Occupation: Student at the Haagse Hogeschool
Place of Residence: Zoetermeer, Holland
Alignment: Neutral
Age: 21
Interests/Hobbies: Programming, Magic the Gathering, Soccer, Darts, reading SF.
Favorite Movie Genre: Science Fiction
Favorite Websites: The MiG Outpost - My own website
MSX Emulator Page - A great source for MSX games and emulators.
Favorite Game(s): SD Snatcher, Avalon, YS 3, Dragon Slayer 6.
Favorite Music Genre: Symphonic Electronica
Favorite MP3 Artist: MOA
Favorite way to take over the world: Using nukes... lots of nukes.... whahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
Why am I so cool compared to other RPGClassics staff members? I am, and probably will stay, the only staff member with a shrine about his own game...
My RPG History: A long time ago (1992) I got my first MSX1 computer on which I designed my first games. They were very primitive but it was a good practice. Later on I got an MSX 2 for which great RPGs were available. I played SD Snatcher, Pumpkin Adventure, YS 3 and Dragon Slayer 6. When I bought my first PC I wanted to create a game similar to those I played on the MSX. For two years I worked on that game and Avalon was released in august 1998. It is not as great as the games on the MSX but it has become a great success on the PC as I made it freeware :). Two years later I created the Avalon Shrine.
Started Working for RPG Classics: May 2000
I hate: You!
Really? No I was just kidding.
Pfew! :-)

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