Mr. Saturn's Game Collection



Here's an updated list of what I've got, along with some new pictures to boot. Again, I probably forgot to snap pics of something or another.

UPDATE: New (crappy quality) pictures! 11-19-2005
I don't own a digital camera, so I had to take these most recent shots with my cell phone. Don't get me wrong, I like my phone, it's just that I never wanted a camera phone. Thus, I don't know if mine is any good at taking pictures. Based on this evidence, my immediate response would be "no."

Modern Systems
We're still a few days away from the launch of the Xbox 360 as of the writing (typing?) of this, thus, these are the modern systems. PS2 on the first three rows, GCN on the third and fourth, and Xbox on the bottom. There's two big-box PS games on the bottom right, but that's because they don't fit anywhere else.

Classic stuff
Here's a shot of the older systems games. On the left shelf, you've got PS games on the top three shelves, with NGPC, TG16, and Dreamcast filling up the remainder of the third shelf. SNES (and some SFC) are on the fourth and fifth shelves down, and NES is on the bottom two. On the shelf on the right, you've got boxes for N64 and SNES games on the top shelf, boxes for NES on the second shelf, along with games for NDS and N-Gage, Genesis, 32X, and N64 games are on the next shelf down, with GBA boxes on the next two rows. The bottom shelf is the only place where oversized jewelcases fit, so I stuck Saturn and Sega CD down there. Somehow, some PS2 Slime controllers snuck into this picture... you mischievous little devils!

In the Office
This is actually in a seperate room now. Same old book shelf, though, but I've put some of my real books on it, since I took away the GBA boxes (and freed up a little bit of room). The strategy guides fill up a great portion of this shelf, with PC boxes all along the bottom.

My TV. No, there was no reason for me to show this. I guess it shows off all of my game systems, but they're the same as before. I really just wanted a picture of my massive 61" Samsung DLP television online.

Pics as of 03.01.2005

Pretty Close
This is as close as I could get to capturing everything, what with where the couch is. Damn thing is always in my way. Stupid couch, anyway... always offering to support my ass while I play video games or watch MSNBC.

PS2/Xbox/GCN/Sega Shelf
Here's a pretty close shelf of the "modern systems" shelf. You can see that the PS2 and GCN shelves have both grown since last picture, but Xbox is pretty stagnant. Come on, Microsoft, make some good games. I'm a consumer, and you never know when I'll have money.

High Shot
This squeezes in a picture of the Dracula X wall scroll (which I really like!) and the Resident Evil 4 limited edition tin. You can also kinda see the Earthbound box in the top right. I think found his way in here, too. I don't think he'll ever learn until I chain him to a pipe in a crawl space.

Older Games
What's known in the entertainment industry as the "money shot." This has got NES, SNES, and, I believe, some NeoGeo Pocket Color. Yeah, that's what you like baby. Oh yeah.

"Collector's Edition"
I'm a sucker for these damn things. Someone says "but it's a collector's edition!" and I'm all over it. It could be a game I don't like, a game I've never played, whatever. Here you can see Earthbound, Warcraft III, Jedi Knight II, Civilization 3, and Neverwinter Nights.

Strategy Guides
The bane of RPGClassics, but you gotta love the artwork. They're pretty. And, sometimes, they've got a good map or two. With how much time I've got for playing games these days, they're almost vital. I don't have the time to explore anymore. :(

PC and older boxes
Honestly, I can't remember if this is actually any better than the old picture of this. It might be more up to date, though. Arrgh! Pirates! Yaar!

Old Pics:

The Entryway
I don't really think this deserved a picture, but this is what I come home to every day. A Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles door mat. Also, it's a good representation of the swag that's all over my house, such as that Final Fantasy XI standee. There are other standees, many of them are in the storage shed, but a few are represented.

More Swag
More swag. The Resident Evil: Outbreak standee is getting it's time on the floor cause it's a newbie, but the Chrono Trigger wall-mounted standee is a permanent fixture to the house. It's just the way I like things done.

Bedroom Shot
There's a glimpse of the bedroom; ironically, though, not my bedroom. That's my ex-girlfriend's bedroom (yeah, she still lives with me). The stuff around it (the free-standing Nintendo Gamecube/Gameboy Advance standee and the system boxes, as well as whatever other swag made that shot) is purely mine. I think the Steel Battallion box snuck its way in there, too.

DVDs, Other Swag
I figured I'd go ahead and snap a picture of the rest of the swag in the room. Well, the easily visible swag, that which is not presently packed. Also visible are the DVDs. Oh, and that Kirby is not photoshopped in or anything; that's just a thick cardboard cutout of Kirby that many game stores received as a marketing device. Now he sits atop Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi, which I'm borrowing from a friend.

Some Systems
The Saturn, NES, SNES, N64, and TurboGrafx all made fine appearances in this shot. I don't remember if I took it before or after the next shot, but I think it may have been after since the Turbo doesn't make quite an appearance.

More Systems
Here's the VCR, Cable box, TV, and other things not of interest. In fact, perhaps the only thing of interest here is the "Sega Mother Ship," as I call it; the combination Sega Genesis 2, Sega CD, and Sega 32X. Not pictured is the "I'll form the head" piece that we call the Sega Power Base Converter. If you don't know, it lets you play Sega Master System games on a Genesis.

Other Systems
Here's the "current generation" consoles; the Playstation 2, the Xbox, the Gamecube, and, for good measure, the Dreamcast. Also visible is the router that makes my PC (and Xbox and PS2) happy, and the multiple switchboxes that make it possible for all that stuff to be hooked up at once.

Strategy Guides, Boxes
The bane of most people here at RPGC, I've even got a healthy collection of Strategy Guides. Not so much to be used, but more to be admired for artwork, or simply to be had for completion value. I mean, what good is the game without the guide? What? Pretty good you say? Well... check out that Dracula X wallscroll, huh? Pretty swank! It's a shame that the mass that is the Warcraft III CE box covered up the Earthbound box, though. It's there, I promise.

GBA, PC, and Other Boxes
This is a hard one to catalog, as far as inventory goes. It's original boxes for various NES, SNES, N64, GB, GBC, GBA, and PC games. It's great for completion value, but useless for anything else. Also, it'd be pretty redundant to list the boxes as well as the games in my inventory, and it'd take for ever to update the thing with a new column for "complete? yes/no," as I'd have to check each item individually. Uggh.

Console Games
Now we're getting to the interesting stuff, eh? Visible here, along with a marching army of GBA games, is PS2, Gamecube, N64, a sliver of Genesis, Playstation, Dreamcast, N-Gage, TurboGrafx, SNES, and NES.

More Console Games
This should be the rest of it. Kinda puts the PS2 games in better perspective, but also showcases the Xbox, Saturn, and Sega CD games, which were kind of hidden before. Also, in a custom case under that Dance Dance Revolution box is the Atari 2600, games and accessories. The Commodore 64 was still packed, or I'd try to show that off too.